Plex Media Player (PMP) Control

Any chance Roomie control of the new PMP is going to be added soon?

PMP is not the same as PHT as far as the interface we use goes. Given we have a lot of Plex users, it is likely we will be adding support for this. However, note it is a large effort as it is completely different.

Thank you.

Thought I would just check in to see if there had been any progress in this area.

I am keen to move over to PMP as it offers some much better Audio options for Mac users given we can’t bitstream HD audio.
PMP now converts both DTS-HD and TrueHD audio to LCPM where as PHT only does TrueHD.

Hope this gets added soon.


Just wondering if there is any time line for Plex media player support? I am interested in using PMP full time. It’s so much nicer then PHT. Hope this gets supported soon. Having a few problems with PHT and welcome the change to Plex media player.


We almost put this into 4.1.1. PMP seems somewhat unfinished right now so I’m not sure I wanted to push people to try it by releasing it and what we had a few weeks ago didn’t have the Media Guide anyway so it would be a downgrade from PHT. We plan to revisit soon.

Based on our experience to date, we’d recommend sticking with Plex Home Theater for the moment. You can certainly expect we’ll support PMP in the not too distant future though.

Thank you.

Good to hear, I am looking to switch to it but later this year due to bugs and issues, it supports 4k resolution and more file types so i will need to switch to it if i get a 4k tv later this year… Really need the guide with it to though, love the PHT guide integration and i could not live without it, a guide with it would be a must.

The software does seem to be in the early stages yet though, alot still needs to get fixed and they have a hostile pht user base who want a more finished product since PHT support is essentially dead.

+1 for encouraging support of Plex Media Player. I’m far from the biggest fan of the new UI, but the Plex team has made it clear that PHT won’t be supported in the future, so PMP will eventually become the only viable long-term platform for Plex users. I’ll be holding onto PHT for as long as possible, but once that ceases to be an option we’ll need support for its replacement. Hopefully, PMP will have evolved substantially enough by then for it to be a worthy successor.

+1 here too. I like the new interface and would love to take advantage of it. Any ETA?

Yes, I’m in the same boat. Would like to see this support ASAP!

Beyond one bug i sent the team (i originally blamed plex’s latest release, but i eventually found another reason I could reproduce it ) this is well done and functional.

However we are missing quite a few buttons for functionality. I cant toggle subtitles, audio tracks, ect… compared to pht support. Surely the api supports these functions to change subs or audio tracks? I also found hitting the middle enter button at least brings up the osd.

If they do not have api for more functions then mce controller works just fine… to toggle subtitle tracks you hit the L button on the mce controller keyboard in simple.

The problem however is the L button on the mce keyboard unless i dont understand how, is not available to be mapped to a button when i tried to create a subtitle stream button…toggling subtitle streams is huge when it comes to functionality for me and others.

Resurrecting an old thread.

I’m able to get Simple Control to find my PMP and define it as a device. The basic controls work fine too. What I can’t get to work is getting the plex panel to populate with movies, tv shows, or music etc to allow browsing inside the Simple Control interface as shown in the Simple Control screenshots showing Plex functionality.

Anyone know if this is supposed to be currently working and if so, what’s the secret sauce to get it to work?

The most common issue here is that you need to add your Plex Media Server as a device and enter your Plex credentials into that in order for the guide to work. Support can help determine what might be the issue.

Thank you.