Plex Media Player Setup

Is there a list of devices where PMP is supported? Does it need to be installed on a PC or does PMP running on an Xbox One or Nvida Shield quailfy?

I am testing an Xbox One, but will want to leverage a NVidia shield as well. The PMP App running on an Xbox One is not auto discovered, and I am not sure what port to use to attempt to set it up manually

We support Plex Media Player on whatever platforms it runs on. All.

The catch there is that Plex makes a lot of clients, and some of them, the old stuff, is not a “Plex Media Player”. For instance, their old Roku client certainly was not. They may have changed that over time. Regardless, it’s a question for them. What we support is PMP and the old Plex Home Theater as well on all platforms they run on. Some of Plex’s clients over time have not been actual descendants of that line.

The nVidia Shield client is definitely a full-fledged Plex Media Player and we work well with it. I haven’t tried the Xbox One Plex.

Thank you.

That’s great! If the PMP is not auto discovered what would be the steps to add it manually. I know the IP but what port should I be entering?

I’ll give the Xbox one a try before I get the shield.

THanks again.

When something doesn’t auto-discover, tap Manual IP and the IP and then enter the port listed in the Device Compatibility page.

Thank you.