Plex Media Player


I wanted to report a couple issues I’ve experienced with the new Plex Media Player integration.

1.) Running Plex Media Player release 1.0.6, as soon as I discover the device through Simple Control 4.2 and go to test the remote, it crashes Plex Media Player and goes in to a loop where PMP tries to keep launching.

2.) If the Plex Media Player is named anything other than the default “PlexMediaPlayer”, Simple Control will fail to auto discover the device. I have multiple Plex Media Players, so I’ve renamed them to rooms. You can do this by editing the plexmediaplayer.conf file and looking for the configuration entry called “systemname”. The instructions for modifying this file are here:


Known bug in PMP. Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions in Simple Control that prevent the PMP bug by entering your authentication credentials. Not entering them and ignoring the warnings in Simple Control does make PMP crash currently.

Thank you.

Also, with regards to the name, it looks like that is something specific to an OpenELEC version of PMP. Normal installations of PMP use the system name. Regardless, it can always be added via Manual IP.

Thank you.

Thanks, Will. I’ll give that a try. On the manual add, the port should be 3005, correct?

Manual IP for PMP looks like port 32433, though that is provided to us during discovery so it’s always possible that could vary in some scenarios.

Thank you.

Just wanted to say a quick “thank you” to the team for adding support for PMP so quickly. With the Plex team kind of forcing our hand on migrating from PHT to PMP, this has become something of a necessity for those of us who use both Plex and Simple Control. That you guys stepped up and did a major re-write to support the new PMP platform is huge and greatly appreciated. Thanks for keeping us up and running!