Plex Media ~Server

I have plex running on my mac mini i have tried adding it but have had no luck it does not show up so i added manual using my computer ip adr from the network settings i used port 3000 still nothing

Make sure to match the port with the right command set. The old Plex (Plex Media Server) generally runs on port 3000 and the command set for that is Media Player > Plex > XBMC. The new Plex Home Theater runs on 3005 and uses Media Player > Plex > JSON. Note that those ports can also be changed from Plex, so you can confirm which port yours is using.

Thank you.

Where do I set the port or check it from the server? I have tried port 3005 with no luck. And what user name and password do I use for the authentication? Do I use my plex account there? The server is running on port 32400. Is that the same as the remote port? I tried that too with no luck. Please help