Plex, nVidia Shield, Player Broken? Read this

I want to bring this to anyone’s attention to those who use an nVidia shield with Plex. I was having an issue where the now playing information wouldn’t show at the top of the activity and the play button wouldn’t work. It appears after a plex upgrade for nVidia shield it set the enable new video player to ON. If you go to your plex settings and advanced to the right will be enable new video player. If this is set to ON you will not get media status playback information at the top of your activity and a few of the buttons will not work as expected, mainly the play button. Turning this to off fixes the problem.

Support request. Can you please look into this new player as i suspect at some point it will be automatically switched to ON as default on a future plex version upgrade and as of right now your integration with it is broken.

I recently noticed this issue too, and was about to submit a support ticket. Thanks for posting a workaround.
@Will_Price - should we submit an official support ticket for this?

Same… posting here to subscribe/watch (as I too suspect that at some point they will force the new player as the standard).

Based on Plex’s forums, the new player is currently a disaster. So you probably just want to turn it off. It seems unclear whether Plex will ever be fixing their control mechanisms as they remove such features from their own app, and the related features remaining in their app do not work with their new player (such as playing content to Plex Shield from their app which currently plays into an invisible window!)

If you need to leave it on for some reason, switch your control to use the nVidia Shield device for now which obviously continues to work fine. You will miss some feedback that way, but control will work. If they leave it broken, we may try to blend some feedback into the Shield device one day. But for now, given they provide the option to turn it off, and given that it seems deeply broken in many ways, using it seems misguided.

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Fully agreed. It doesn’t work with my Nvidia remotes correctly either, so it definitely is getting turned off (though the Plex app on Shield loves to ‘re-enable’ it every time there is an update). Thanks for confirming you’re tracking it in any case.

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