Plex Remote

I’m starting to setup my roomie remote configuration and have hit some stumbling blocks.
I have my receiver and tv setup and working and now I’m trying to ad Plex as a device and I’m not sure what settings to enter for the ip/port. Does the control have to go through the Plex Media Server or does it communicate directly to the Plex Media Centre? My Media Server IP is (MAC Mini) and my Media Centre IP is (Windows 7 PC). I can use the Plex iOS app to control Plex so I know everything is fine on the Plex end. Any help here would be much appreciated.


When I added my Plex clients they were auto discovered but to set up manually you will need to put in the ip of the Media Centre. I did a bonjour scan of my network and all of my plex clients are listening on port 3000 and 9090. I think that it will be 3000 as my Roomie Client is saying that it is using the XBMC HTTP API.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Plex is working now. Port 3000 did the trick.
Now I just need to figure out how to get my Panasonic Plasma to switch inputs and channels through rs232. Power and screen format work but nothing else.