Plex setup

I hear that plex media guide has been integrated into version 3.0?

I have a Mac mini running plex server and a jail broken ATV2 used as a client connected to my tv. Can anyone recommend how to setup roomie to control this arrangement and get the plex media guide?


  • Make sure Plex Media Server is installed together with Plex Home Theater on your Mac Mini.
  • Add Plex Home Theater as a new device in Roomie.
  • Activate the Roomie Service.
  • Open the default Activity created by Roomie for Plex. Make sure Movies and TV Shows have been loaded into your PHT via PMS to show content in the guide.

The exact versions above are the latest versions and known to work. It’s probably more flexible than that, but at this point there’s no reason to support any older Plex.

Thank you.

Do I follow the same instructions for setting this up with a PC based plex deployment?

Yes. Note that we definitely support music as well and we believe that running Plex Media Server on a different machine should work fine as long as Plex Home Theater is the device added to Roomie.

In support, we’ve encountered some people with local firewall issues as well. Make sure your Plex Media Server is open on the standard port 32400 from Roomie.

Thank you.

Hi there,

I have a follow-up question related to these instructions. I am running the Plex MS and the Plex HT application on the same computer. However, when I try to add Plex control as a new Roomie device, I am only able to add the server, not the HT application. I tried to add Plex HT manually using the IP address and port 3005, but was given an error message saying Roomie was forbidden from receiving feedback from Plex. Is there a setting in Plex (either the MS or HT app) that I need to change to make this work? Or do I need to do something different in Roomie?

Thank you!

Yes, the “Allow Control” options must be turned on in Plex settings per the Device Compatibility list:

Since our earlier post, the versions have changed in minor numbers but otherwise is the same. We also added in 3.0.4 the ability to use a Plex Media Server on a different machine from PHT. In that scenario, add PMS to Roomie as a separate device type Auxiliary -> Plex -> Media Server. There is no need for that if you run PMS on the same machine as PHT.

Thank you.

ok, you confused me. I am about to set this up.

So, if PMS and PHT are on different machines, which is added to Roomie 3.0.4?

You previously said the PHT, now you say the PMS.

If and only if you use PMS on a separate machine from PHT, add PMS as its own device (Auxiliary -> Plex -> Media Server) in addition to PHT. (2 devices)

In the normal case where they’re on the same machine, just add PHT via auto-discovery as usual. (1 device only.)

Thank you.