Popcornhour a-400 IP Control


the a-200 is good but it has some minor irritants like toggle power only.


Have you tried adding the A-400 via Manual IP on Port 30000? In theory it should work fine. We may be missing any new/special commands specific to that model.

I did. And it pretty very well. thanks!

One minor irritation is that the only power command is the power toggle instead of on and off. You’ve probable heard this a million times but ip or ir power toggle is a pain when it’s not synced.

Thanks again

Can confirm also by adding the A-400 via Manual IP works fine and I would agree with thruster999 the power toggle is a pain as its easy to get the power out of sync with other activities.

If there is no way to add power on and power off commands is there anyway to add conditional activities.

I’ve tried using ‘Wake On Lan’ manually entering the MAC address but could not get this to work, has anyone managed to get the WOL working on an A-400?

The next release remembers power toggle state on a per-device basis as part of Activity Memory, so that should help.

Thats great news - looking forward to the release

that is AWESOME! Can’t wait!