Power control Issue with LG 65B8P + ATV4 + Yamaha V475

Hi Everyone,

I have the following issue powering LG 65B8P off (and sometimes on)… My setup is very simple. OLED LG TV which connected to a Yamaha receiver via AV Access HDMI 2.0 HDBaseT Extender. The only input that exists on the Yamaha receiver is ATV4. The sound is powered by a receiver.

I read on this forum how to get the LG TV to power on and off (by specifying MAC address) with Yamaha and ATV being straight forward. After I set everything up in my app v5.5, I am able to turn the equipment on and can shut the Receiver off but the TV shuts off for a second and then turns back on (pressing power off again few times finally shuts it off).

Any idea what could be the reason for this? Anyone else experiences this?

As a side note, at times, I am also unable to turn on the TV, even though I am able to turn on receiver and wake up ATV.

Please offer any ideas.


We have multiple units of that type. I am fairly sure I saw this once (out of multiple units over multiple years). My theory at the time was that the LG has an auto-shutoff when awakened by WoL if you don’t have a live HDMI source when it turns on. So depending on how your system is configured, you would just change the timing of commands to ensure that when the TV turns on, the source is live. In any case, we use these all the time and I suspect a huge percentage of the user base does as well so should be very easy to resolve as it is not commonly reported.

I will try to repeat what you said to make sure I understand.

  1. When I turn my setup on, ATV and Receiver turn on first and after a slight delay, turn the TV on.

  2. When shutting off - turn off the ATV and Receiver first, and then TV.



I have this exact same issue with a 65C8. I agree with Will’s assessment that an active HDMI input seems to help the WoL feature, and powering the TV on after everything else is good. But I’m also having issues with Power Off.

Here are a couple of things I’ve seen:
-Off activity turns off AVR, and sets other devices to desired states OK.
-TV stays on, indicate loss of signal due to upstream AVR being powered off.
-Selecting another activity restores video…but then TV powers off.
-If TV is on an inactive input, it doesn’t respond to commands or ping.

I was able to resolve part of the problem/s.

  1. Some receivers have stand-by functionality which in this case had to be shut off
  2. Yamaha receiver has power toggle and power on/off functions. In this case to shut off - power off is used
  3. We have 3 “i” devices at home so ideally only one should be used (because I don’t have a dedicated hub to track power state).
  4. Disabled ATV4 to control receiver

Basically, 3 devices are completely stand alone and don’t have any connected handshake.

I have successfully been operating on/off function over the past week.