Power on/off settings in V5

Not sure if I can make this interesting, but here goes…

I have two devices that power-toggle using IR. An LG Screen and a BT YouView PVR.
To get consistency in v4.5, I created activities called On and Off (who knew?), that did the toggling, and then had separate Activites for what ever I wanted to do (ie Watch TV, Apple TV, DVD, Spotify).

I think that I’d like to use the Power Button in v5 but can’t see how to configure it.
I’m also confused about the Power On/Power Off selection in an Activity. Not sure if that’s what I should be using.

Sorry if the answer is obvious, but I can’t see how I should approach this.



Stuart, assuming I understand your question, to understand what the Power On/Power Off selection in an activity does you need to go back to how a device is set up.

Within the device settings there is a toggle to ‘Always Turn This On’. With this enabled in a specific devices settings, any activities created in the room the device is linked to, with Automatic Commands turned on and Activity Type set as Power On, will automatically include a command to power on that device. Conversely any activity with Automatic Commands turned on and Activity Type set as Power Off will automatically add a command to power off that device. Essentially it saves the effort of having to create some of the commands in your activities.

With regards to the power button in v5 (either the ‘Power Off Activity’ option in the drop down at the top of an activity panel or the power button on the chosen room screen), unless I am missing something, there is currently no way to configure it, well not like you could configure a power off activity in previous versions of the app. Using either of these two options will simply power off any devices linked to that room that have the toggle switched on for ‘Always Turn This On’ within the devices settings.

Apologies if I’ve mis-understood and you already know this.


Not only is there a way to configure the power off, but there are 2.

  • Long press on the button top right of the Activity screen will go to Edit mode on it.
  • Accessing the Rooms editor and tapping the Edit pencil icon next to the Power Off menu will also edit it.

Aha so I was missing something…should have known. Still got a bit to learn with the new version.

So Stuart could manually add the power toggle command for both IR controlled devices to the power off activity, but would need to ensure that both devices were on (via the various activities) at the time of pressing power off…so much easier with a power on/off command available for the device :wink:

Or just use Track Power State and don’t worry about it…

So much history. I gave up with Track Power State on the IR devices a year ago. Thanks for the nudge. Will think it through.

Ps Why not have slide left on the power button. That’s what I tried to do and it would be consistent.