Power on/off via IP (Cat5 and Wifi)

A neighbor of mine loves my system, and wants help setting up a similar one. He is starting from scratch, buying everything new (except iPhones and iPads). Since this will be adding a system to a house without prewiring, it is going to be difficult to hide the equipment like mine. Ideally, I’d like most stuff to be controlled via IP (especially since everything is going to be new). Getting Cat5 to the devices won’t be difficult, but to the TVs will be. Are there any displays that support power on/off via Wifi IP signal?

Also what blu-ray players and amps power on and off with IP signal?

For Televisions with pure IP, Sharp and Panasonic are the way to go. Sharp has had it for a while and they even advertise it and have a logo for it, so it’s a really safe choice. Meanwhile, Panasonic just introduced Wake on LAN support in their 2012 models. (The next version of Roomie directly supports that.) We’re not sure exactly which models support that and which don’t, but we know the GT series has it for 2012, and we know the E5 way down at the bottom end of their line does not. It’s right there in the menus so if you have access to a set, you can always check.

Elite (elitelcdtv.com) is another choice – they’re really sort of a Sharp rebrand.

For pure IP controlled Blu-ray Players, Panasonic is the gold standard. The BDT-220 would be a great choice.

As far as the Panasonics, I read on some forum that the GT50 has Wake on Lan as you suggest, but the ST50 does not.

How would one setup “Wake on LAN” for the GT50 series?

See page 57 of service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMAN … P_GT50.PDF