Power On Panasonic TV on ip control

Hello, I’m from Switzerland and I have a problem with my TV TX-P50VT30 (2011) Panasonic
I can make various orders, eg change channels, more volume, less volume, installation, turn off, but I can not make power on!

Can anyone help me?

thank you very much

And sorry for my English, I do not speak very well;-)

Please reference the IP Compatibility Chart:


The 2011 Panasonic TV models do not turn on via IP. The 2012 VT50 and GT50 models are the first models in which Panasonic made that possible when combined with Roomie 1.5’s Wake-on-LAN feature.

As noted there, depending on your configuration, you may have luck with VIERA Link in trying to power on the TV, but your safest bet is no doubt to go with an IP2IR or WF2IR adapter.

Thank you.