Power state on version 1.8

Great to see the release of version 1.8

Can I just ask, how does the new feature power state work?

If Power Tracking is turned on for a given device, each POWER TOGGLE command flips the active state for that device. The Tracking option is set on the Device screen for each device – note that the option is only presented if the device is in fact a toggle device.

Any usage of POWER TOGGLE to such a device from an Activity command list or a button on a Remote Design will flip the current state of the device. Note that using a Test Remote or Manual Remote does not change the current state of the device – using one of those is how you fix the “but I pushed the button on the front of the device” problem.

When sending commands from an Activity Command List, POWER TOGGLE is then only sent when appropriate. If Roomie knows a device is currently on and you hit System Off, the command goes through. If we know it’s already off, it doesn’t. The same applies vice versa to situations where the device is being turned on.

Thank you - I’ve set it up and it works a treat.

I really couldn’t be more happier with your application, I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on different remotes, this app controls everything I have over IP and kicks everything else I’ve tried in to touch. Fantastic!

Could this feature be expanded to the discrete power on / off sequences?

My devices have a power on delay for the next command, so even though the device is already on, there is a delay when switching activities that have the same devices powered on.

I some devices that have a very slow startup, and I have a power on delay of 10000ms. In some cases this is not quite long enough, a few more choices to get out to 20000ms would be great as well.