Power State Tracking

Sorry if this has been asked before, Tried searching but couldn’t find an answer.

The user guide states when discussing power state tracking: “Puts a power toggle control on the list of Devices (in Edit mode) so that you can easily switch the Device to the desired power setting if it gets out of sync”.

Could you clarify this. I have a couple of devices with “Track Power State” on and I can add the corresponding "Power On(Track State)/Power Off(Track State) commands to activities. But where do I find that “toggle control”?


Good catch. Obviously out of date reference in the guide. There are so few devices like this these days that this is the first we’ve heard of it. There is no manual override switch anymore. Sending the command of the desired state will set that state if it is not the current state.

Ah! Thanks.

It’s a Verizon FIOS TV One box. Arris, formerly Motorola. So the VMS Series IPTV Receivers codeset works fine. But only power toggle. No discretes.