Preferred Primary

I want to confirm the correct setup for the Preferred Primary controller. I have an iPad Pro in the theater that is always on, in Guided Access mode, and it’s defined in the Homes tab on the Preferred Primary. I have an iPad Air in the family room to control another system. I also keep it in Guided Access mode just to keep someone from messing around with it and getting out of Roomie. It is also always on. In the Homes tab on this iPad the theater iPad is properly defined as the Preferred Primary.

This this the correct way to set these up? I ask because I’ve been getting some strange behavior with the family room Roomie recently.

Strange behavior what exactly are you seeing I have 5 IOS devices iPads/iPhone all pointed to one master/primary…and all set up as locked (other than few) only for that room control…The only unusual thing I see is other than the master and other room locked devices my personal iPAD and iPhone they are not always directed to the master iPAD…keep toggling between Default, Local device and master/primary iPad.

Control over one of the TV streaming boxes (ATT TV which is essentially an Android TV box, so I added it as a Fire TV) stopped working from the family room ipad. I tried everything including deleting and re-adding the device multiple times, deleting the activity and nothing worked. Then I brought in the Preferred Primary ipad from the theater, deleted the ATT TV device, added it again, updated the activity and it worked. I then was able to use the activity on the family room iPad again.

Not sure what’s causing the issue sorry but I think primary device setup is the way it should be.

Thanks for confirming.