Problem with Sonos "sets"

I have a Sonos system with 2 Media Players 5 associated as one Stereo Pair, plus a Sonos Sub, associated to the pair as well. This confuses Roomie totally. It detects one of the three items, then keeps switching from one to the next, each time detecting a new IP and posting a warning that it “updates the IP of the item”. Not only it doesn’t work, but you can’t get rid of the warning which keeps popping, and Roomie is then totally unusable.

We can imagine that behavior might occur if some of the Sonos devices had the same name. Normally, Sonos devices have a unique name like “Living Room”. If you had multiple Sonos devices named “Speaker” or something like that, that would cause the behavior you describe (in the current version anyway). Giving each Sonos device a unique name should resolve it.

If you pool 2 Media Players 5 and a Sub into one stereo set, they appear in the Sonos App under one single name. I don’t think you can access each element to change their name, unless you diasagregate the set. The problem is that Roomie seems to see them as 3 different elements (the model of the element changes as Roomie switches from one the the next) with different IPs (which they have) and at the same time it gets confused because it reads that it is a single item (which is the case from the Sonos point of view).

We recommend contacting support so that we can get the results of a Collect Diagnostics run from your network to see how your Sonos devices are actually identifying themselves.

To run that test, just turn on Collect Diagnostics, go to the ‘Add Device’ screen in Roomie. Leave it open for about a minute. Then exit and go back to Settings, tap Send Diagnostics, then turn off Collect Diagnostics. Then email support to let them know you sent that with the time of the submission and we’ll take a look.

OK Diagnostic sent 15mn ago! We’ll see what comes out…


We have determined that the way your Sonos devices are configured will cause the issue you’re seeing. We have fixed the issue in the next release of Roomie. If you’d like, support can force your configuration to work by editing your Roomie.plist file. Regardless, you’ll also see the fix in Roomie 1.7.