Problems pairing with Apple TV 4


I am unable to pair Simple Control with the new Apple TV 4. Here is what is happening:

  • I’m a big Simple Control user and have paired successfully with several Apple TV 2/3 devices
  • My new Apple TV 4 is running version 9.1
  • My Simple Control App is running version 4.0.7
  • I can get the 4-digit number to appear in Simple Control
  • I can enter the 4-digit number into the Apple TV 4
  • “Roomie - Jeff” shows under “Paired Devices” on the Apple TV 4
  • Nothing happens when I try to control the Apple TV 4 using Simple Control
  • Simple Control shows the commands at the top of the screen as blue like they were sent/received successfully
  • Apple’s iPhone Remote App does work and successfully controls the Apple TV 4

Thanks for the help!

Quick reminder that the forums are not useful for support, so please direct support questions to support.

We’ve seen a couple instances of this. They have been resolved by resetting the Apple TV.

Thank you.