Problems with adding a custom device

I am no noob but I am finding the disconnected instructions on how to add a device that isn’t in the library very confusing. I have a BT Vision set top box by Pace and have tried all the Pace devices in the library (including all the diagnostic instructions) to no avail.

So I have tried learning commands using the iLearn app which produced a text file - so far so good. I then downloaded the DDK and tried editing the plist file but if i backup my configuration from the IOS app to dropbox, none of the XML editors i have tried will open the plist file generated by the app (I don’t have a mac so can’t use xcode). I also see lots of references to the Roomiecodes.plist file but it appears that it has been superceded by the simpler roomie.plist file.

Given that BT Vision has nearly a million subscribers in the UK, if i generated a text file full of IR codes from iLearn, do you think you could add the device to the library for me?

I am using the iPad app with both the IR pack and Home theater pack upgrades for use with a Sharp TV, Onkyo receiver and xbox 360 as well as the aforementioned BT Vision box.

Appreciate the help.


The file should be roomiecodes.plist.
You should find a template for this file in the DDK (I think that’s where I found it).
At least this worked for me.

I am struggeling to get an editor working, What is a good XML editor to use for windows?

Hi Guys, for those running windows, I had a similar issue finding an XML editor that a) worked and b) was free. I finally came across EditiX 2008 by a company called, they have a full paid version but for home use there is a free download, and it seems to do the job for me.

As for Gary’s original post I’ll help out where I can.

Regardless if you are using dropbox or icloud/itunes, it should be the same process (but don’t quote me on that, I’m using dropbox so I know these instructions work).

start by linking to one of the available backup locations (as above) and backup from your devive to here.

This should create a folder called Roomie and within this folder you should see 3 .plist files.

The next step (asuming you have downloaded the DDK and installed a suitable XML editor) is to open up the roomiecodes.plist file using your xml editor, the roomiecodes.plist file can be found the the DDK files you downloaded and then in this case the IR folder. You will notice that there is also a template version here. If you are using EditiX you can open up both files together side by side which was useful for me as I used the template as a reference when I first started. (ps. because a .plist file isn’t an xml recognised extension change the file type to ‘all files’ in order to see the file(s) you need to open)

Though the contents of the file can look daunting it is fairly straight forward. Each key/string line will relate to 1 button press/ir command.

pretty much all you need to do is copy and paste the coding from the file exported by iLearn into each line of the .plist file but there are some simple guide lines to follow.

In the case of EditiX, only delete/replace the text in black (this is the ir/button data), the text in blue forms part of the XML structure and must be kept in tact (unless you wish to remove/add a whole button).

when giving your button a name (as indicated by ## INSERT NAME OF COMMAND HERE ## in the template) you are able to give it any name you wish, however… Roomie configures the remote layouts automatically based on pre defined names (check the .pdf file in the DDK for a full list of main/suppored names) so try to stick to these (they must also be typed in CAPS).

For the ir code part of the line (string) you need to copy the output of iLearn. when looking at the output data each button press/command has it’s own line. you will useually see send ir then a few 1’s followed by a number like 38000. This is the point you need to copy from, including the 38000 number, right up to the end of the line. This is then pasted in between the two sections of the corresponding button.

Each button has it’s own line, though I would say practice with just a few buttons to start with, say power and ch up/down more can be added, just copy the line above and paste it right under it, similarly, delete a whole line to remove a button.

once you have your button names and codes you have to tell roomie what the device it (where it would be located and it’s name/model).

Towards the bottom of the file, you will see three keys - Brand, cat and type with the response/answer being the string. Brand is brand, in Gary’s case although it is a pace box, put BT. For cat this is the model so put Vision/BT Vision and maybe put pace in brackets after, just incase there are multiple models. type, this is a number, this determins the cagagory of device eg TV, receiver etc. the list of types can be found (like the button names) in the readme.pdf within the roomie DDK.

once you have this completed, save the file to where you backed up from your delice earlier (in my case the roomie folder in dropbox). the file should be called ‘roomiecodes.plist’

once you have done this load roomie on you ipad/iphone and restore from dropbox/icloud etc. once complete it should say it has restored 4 files. Also check that on the setting menu (where you have just tapped restore) that it has a custom devices number greater than 0. If so then roomie has read the file and imported your new codes (wheather they work or not is another story).

once this is done edit your room and add the device as you would have done as if it was already in the software. fingers crossed this should then work.

hopefully my instructions make sence, but any more questions, just ask.

one note to point out, if/when you next backup from your device it will of course over write the existing files (be carefull, I have had a few occasions where it makes a copy and adds a 1 to the end of the file name, if so delete all the files in the folder and just backup again). you will then notice that when you try to open up the roomiecodes.plist file the format has changed! with EditiX I have not worked out how to get it to display the layout correctly (if it is possible), So when I save my file from EditiX I make a second copy and when I backup from device I just overwrite it with the second copy of the file and then work on that.


Hope that helps