RadioRa 2 Capabilities

I was curious as to how extensive the integration of the Lutron RadioRa 2 is with Roomie. I will be having RadioRa2 installed in my home soon, what is possible? Since most of the rooms in my house will have lighting control, will I be able to set the lighting percentage, or off/on, from Roomie? Control multiple groups of lighting/shades? As I understand it, the integration is very similar to the lutron app itself, which would be great.

All of those items you mentioned are certainly part of the integration. Control any light, or you can even simulate button presses on a particular keypad for instance. There are also lift controls. In general, you should be able to do most anything the RadioRa2 can handle. There is a limitation of one lighting feedback per Virtual Remote right now which we’ll lift in future release in case you want for instance to display the level of a particular light.

This sounds great, but I almost forgot. Will it be possible to control my Lutron thermostat as well?