Radiora 2 sliders

when programming the radiora2 system there are three fields:

device location: which is where the physical switch is located

zone name: which is the actual fixture (chandelier, sconces, recessed lighting)

zone location which is the physical room it’s in (master bedroom, formal dining)

I tried to use the sliders but they are very hard to navigate since they say chandelier, ceiling fan, it doesn’t designate which room it’s in and makes the interface very confusing to use. is there anyway to show which room it’s in or feed off of the zone location, vs the zone name? thanks in advance!

Zone Location is something you should match to the Lighting Area in the Activity Settings – just as shown in the screenshot in the 1.8 announcement.

The name we use for each switch is something you can edit freely in the Remote Design.

as usual thanks for the super fast response! I didn’t think of the edit function this remote gets cooler with each update! thanks!