Re-ordering inline activity in list

Hi there,

I am working up a full roomie config for the first time. I ran into something I do not quite understand how to best approach.

Primarily for my theater setup which has a front projector with long startup time. Instead of making every activity have a complex startup, I created a single inline activity that starts the FP first and then everything.

However, when I add that to the existing media activities that were automatically created, it appears last. Is there a way to drag and drop it to the top of the list or reorder them? It seems that I can delete everything in the populated startup list and re-add by hand but that is error prone. I suspect there is a better way that I am just missing.

Thank you!

It’s not actually executed last, it’s just listed after devices. Timing of commands within an Activity depends only on the single Activity not some other Activity so it is simply separate from a timing perspective. If you Start Activity, that item executes immediately. However, if you specifically wanted to Delay an Activity, there is also that option.

Typically what you describe is done via an Inline Activity. Every Media Activity issues a Start Activity to the Projector Inline Activity. The System Off Activity then issues a Stop Activity to the Projector Inline Activity. In this way, no time is ever lost/wasted trying to do the Projector Start more than once.

Thank you Will. I had read about the command pipeline to individual devices. I was not applying that to a generic inline activity that contained multiple devices. This makes perfect sense now!

I will build my “theater startup” inline activity, add that to my media activities as needed, then put in delays for things like input switching, etc.

I now know to view these items as basically parallel instead of serial in the top to bottom order. Great help!