Receiver input feedback

While there is an exception where we do support that already (Yamaha 2009-2010 RX-V receivers), we generally have not done anything to support input nicknames. As inputs are almost entirely behind the scenes, the notion of a nickname isn’t that useful in a Roomie context as the user usually doesn’t even see it. It’s just set when entering an Activity.

However, for the sake of displaying the nickname in the Receiver Input field, we may add support for this going forward, but that would also take place generally by brand and model. So we might introduce it for Denon for instance but roll it out for others over time. (just as an example, and just as we already support some models for it)

I have the SC-25 receiver and in different posts you have mentioned that I shouldn’t have much expectation from this receiver as far as the feedback is concerned. I do respect that but I was just wondering if it can be done for this receiver and if you would be so kind to do that.

No, the SC-25 simply does not provide that information in any way. … -RS232.pdf

Thanks anyway.