Recommend HDMI Switch


Looking for folks to recommend a HDMI switch with RS232/IP control. I see the Altona switches are supported but they seem quite expensive. I also have a DVDO quick 6 but I do not see that listed. Any plans to support the quick6? Are you targeting new HDMI switches in R3.0 that I should be looking at? Has anyone written a custom module for a HDMI switch?


Hi folks,

I am trying to put together a custom RoomieCodes.plist and am having difficulty. I can get it to work using itest but not with the .plist. Can someone take a quick look and let me know what could be wrong?


Sorry, posted wrong RoomieCodes.plist file. The correct one is in this message.

I am also looking for an HDMI switch that will supported in v3.0. Which ones will be compatible?