Recruiting Roomie 3.0 Beta Testers

We’re opening about 12 spots on our beta testing team for future major releases of Roomie.


  • You will receive access to new builds of Roomie every few days that are locked to specific iOS devices you have designated for the duration of the program. We recommend at least two devices so that you can also test synchronization, but we prefer no more than 3 devices in the program as we are limited by Apple on the number of slots available. Beta builds have all features enabled and are not associated with any purchases. It's a totally different product as far as your iOS device is concerned.
  • You should be an existing Roomie user familiar with configuration and other elements of Roomie.
  • You should have an interesting, voluminous, or futuristic home AV setup ideally with lots of IP controlled devices. A few infrared devices in the living room is not a good beta tester candidate. We want you to break the barriers and tell us what is wrong and how our changing X or Y will help you.
  • Beta builds are usually fairly stable, but do obviously have more issues than release builds. You should always maintain a release copy of Roomie from the App Store in case any issues temporarily arise.
  • All future major releases beyond the next month or so require iOS 7 as previously announced, so all of your devices should be running that. If you are a developer and will have the ability to run iOS 8 over the Summer assuming Apple's regular timing repeats, please let us know.
  • To submit your interest in the beta program, please send an email to []( Or, just use the Contact Support button in the app. Describe your configuration briefly and why you think you'd be a good beta tester.

Thank you!

Are you still taking in beta testers?

Yes, there are still spots available. Please feel free to send your info. We may even have more spots available than planned if some of the iOS 8 announcements pan out that allow increased numbers of beta testers. We’re not sure about that part yet.

We expect the actual beta to begin in about 3-4 weeks.

Thank you.

We have received many, many requests for beta testing slots and want to thank everyone for sending them. We’ll be evaluating them over the next couple of weeks and getting back to everyone. As far as we can tell, the broader beta testing functionality announced by Apple for iOS 8 is not something developers can currently use or test, so we will have to stick with the old system that has various fairly low limits.

We’ll try to get in as many as we can and very much appreciate the strong response. Feel free to continue to send in requests and we will announce here when recruiting is closed.

Thank you.

Any update on the 3.0 beta testing? Has the recruiting been closed? Hoping for some really cool new features to knock the socks off your competition!

Beta testing is well under way. We do have more spots we could potentially open up if someone had an interesting collection of devices or was planning to do a fair amount of iOS 8 usage.

Thank you.