Reduce delay between IR commands?

Is it possible to reduce the delay between IR commands? I realize this is probably in place to prevent devices from ignoring commands too close to each other, but it makes it very difficult when adjusting volume, for example. Using the remote, I can adjust the volume very quickly by pressing the volume buttons multiple times very quickly, but Roomie seems to insert a ~250ms delay between each command, which makes thing very slow.

I’m sure there’s some way to tweak this per device, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

A volume command has no delay as there is no “between”. An infrared code can be sent continuously and that is how volume is raised with a smooth ramp. That is also how Roomie configures infrared devices by default. The user can override and cause volume buttons not to repeat smoothly, and perhaps the case here is that you have edited the Remote Design in some way. There are basically 2 settings here on a given command:

Delay Next Command: A delay after sending this command before sending another command on the same pipeline.

Repeat: There are 3 types of Repeat. Progressive repeats occur more rapidly the longer you hold down the button. Constant repeats occur at a fixed interval. Third, specific durations will repeat a command a certain number of times.

For volume buttons, just as Roomie configures them by default, you would always want Constant.

Thank you.