Remote Buddy Setup

I have been using RoomieRemote for about a month now and I have set up custom devices, edited plists, I am using dropbox with custom images, etc . I love this app and thought I had a pretty thourough understanding until now.

I have suddenly become brain dead when it comes to setting up a remote buddy. I understand there is support but I am unclear as to the steps required to make it work.


I have Remote Buddy installed and working on my mac.

I have AJAX turned on with no password.

I can control it from another mac using a web browser.

I have attempted to set up a custom device by entering the IP address and port 8888 which is the default. I set it as a Media Player with brand=iospirit

I get a remote that doesn’t do anything or make any sense. I would like to simply launch an app on the mac.

What do I do now?


Support can get diagnostics from your device to tell you whether Remote Buddy is not responding (for instance, a wrong port or wrong IP) or perhaps is giving you an error.

  1. Turn on Collect Diagnostics.
  2. Press a few buttons on your Remote Buddy Virtual Remote.
  3. Tap Send Diagnostics and then turn off Collect Diagnostics.
  4. Submit a Support Request per the right side of this page with the time at which you performed Step 3.