Remote design

When designing the remote for an activity the ability to move up and down the main components such as number pad, play pad media pad etc… Instead of them being in the same sequence on every activity.



Before using Roomie I programmed everything manually using CommandFusion iViewer. While I certainly don’t miss programming every detail of every command on every button - I do miss having full control over the interface.

Your GUI is great BTW - and a rearrange function would make it that much better!

I agree. I do not need fancy patterns or backgrounds but the ability to rearrange the modules would we wonderful along with the ability to make larger buttons.

ALSO, I would love the ability to put a ‘return’ or line break after a series of buttons so i can make the rows appear how I wish.

like the idea of a ‘return’ function to fix rows. Am setting up my remote at the moment, then if I rotate the ipad or drag the tv guide across and it all moves around.

this is a great piece of software by the way. Only just starting to use it but it is so much easier than some i have tried and yet still flexible with a great interface.