Remote Detection - Samsung ES6500 Series

Hi there, currently have an ES6500 series Samsung TV. When selecting custom remove the remote displayed is not the correct remote corresponding to the device (ie. xx-00463A remote displayed instead of xx-00559A). As a result I have to use the default virtual remote.

I was wondering if its possible to enhance the application to provide user with a list of available remotes so they can choose the correct remote or improve the remote detection based on the device model detected by the application. Thank you.

As a general philosophy, we’ve moved somewhat away from the Original Remote feature of Roomie 1.0. Original Remotes simply don’t offer all of the functionality that is provided by Roomie, so we had to shoe horn it in at times with volume buttons on the sides or receiver feedback at the bottom, etc. We will likely introduce a way for users to add more fine-grained control of hotspot placement so that Original Remotes can be created by users, but it is unlikely we will add many more actual Original Remotes as we find they just create the exact confusion you’re raising.

In fact, Roomie 1.7 today very significantly reduced that confusion by restricting each Original Remote to its own brand. Finally, the usability and touch capability of Original Remotes simply isn’t up to par. Many Original Remotes with rare exceptions like the TiVo peanut are really horrible interaction design examples. We don’t want to perpetuate that while also using a design that has no live feedback and doesn’t take advantage of the superior touch semantics of iOS that we provide with Virtual Remotes.

To be clear, we’re not removing Original Remotes, and we’ll likely add them in a very limited fashion going forward (based on whether the actual Original Remote has good interaction design), but we are as of now discouraging their use going forward.