Remote invocation of roomie activities

Roomie is the best for AV control, but many of us also use other home automation systems for things like lighting, security, temperature etc. for example I use Homeseer which allows remote invocation of activities/events via a URL . So when I use roomie to 'Watch Directv" it does all of my AV commands and then opens an external URL like homeseer/LightingWatchTVEvent Which triggers lighting to be turned on if it is after sunset.

It it would be great to have roomie activities able to be invoked extermally. So that way we could do advanced rules in a home automation app and then have it call a roomie activity. For example for " “Wake Up” the home automation app may say that at 6am turn on bedroom lights, turn on heat, and then call Roomies “Watch Direct TV” activity.

This could be done via roomie agent, the cloud (if this than that), or via any roomie app running (By pushing a notification to it?)