Rename Collapsed List Items

It would be awesome if I could rename the internet radio presets so that they reflect the name of the station they are preset to.

Just to clarify then, you don’t want to rename buttons, you want to customize collapsed lists of command names?

I’d like to be able to rename the presets. Or create a collapsed list that works like the Internet radio preset does. The closest I can do is program the play pad so each button is a station…limited to 11 stations though.

FYI my receiver is a onkyo 609

To clarify, you can already rename buttons and change anything about the commands they send. You can add as many buttons as you would like. It sounds like you want to rename the items in a collapsed list though.

I can create buttons etc… But I can’t seem to be able to edit predefined collapsed commands. For example the Internet radio pulls up Preset Radio 01, 02, etc. When selecting it to edit there is the collapsed command ON and collapsed prefix “Internet”. I can’t see the commands that are collapsed to edit them? Turning off the collapsed just removes the collapse prefix box leaving nothing to edit, just the option for a new command.
If I could edit the name of the collapsed buttons underpredefined buttons that would work. Or if I could see how they are created I could create my own. I think what I need is to be able to nest buttons under a button as I can rename buttons but not the command alias name?