Reply To: Changing the order of virtual remote layout

As in, making the media pad appear above the top bar, for example.





For the most part I can use what layout roomie suppies me. However, I would really like to do things like have the device feedback always at the top. Specifically I would like to have the one that is supplied with the directv setup at the top. Right now it’s in the middle of the remote.

Is there anyway to move these elements around so their ordered differently?



I agree. I would like to put the Directional Pad and then the Number Pad with the Play Pad below. Is there a way to click and drag them like some other features?

Similar to the way we currently click and drag to change the order of commands would be perfect!

+1 this is a missing must for me!



also, allowing any type of set, like a button set before or after any group like the direction set, to bar, etc.

I’d like to see a set of buttons right aftet the top bar.

I envision any set type anywhere, not limited to the ‘standard’



The ability to reorder the various panels of the Virtual Remote is part of an upcoming 2.2 release.

Thank you.

That’s great news. Thank you.

This was added in Roomie 2.2 now available.

Thank you.