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Is it possible to remove the default “System Off” activity for a given room?

I’ve got a room “Garage” that has two activities “Open Left Garage Door” and “Open Right Garage Door” - the “System Off” activity doesn’t really have any context…



You can’t remove it from the user interface. However, if you want to go that level, you could always remove the command directly from Roomie.plist. That requires a relatively higher degree of skill of course. Note that, once removed, you can’t add the System Off command back and it does have special properties for the room.

As the title says, the ability to Disable/remove the “System off” activity from within an individual room. I have certain instances where I do not have or need this and so the activity button is just in my way.

Remember you can always rename the Activity. So rather than delete it, just use it.

I already thought of that, however, the “System off” activity does not have all of the functionality of a standard activity, mainly the “open remote” option (which is obvious when you look at it, as why would you need to open a remote if you are turning the system off), which is what I require from all of the activities I have for this room.

In other circumstances, I could see this working, just not this one :frowning: