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Do you support this device. If not how do I set it up? … 179&sr=8-3

Do you support this multizone amp/controller - MCA66 from HTD? … -Amplifier

We publish detailed compatibility listings here:

Devices like that one can be learned using these instructions:

Any updates on this? I have a MC-66 with an ethernet adapter: … /HTDNET-MC

The main controller on this doesn’t support IR commands. just serial.



We also support custom serial devices per the DDK here:

I remeber seeing that you were woring on 2 way feedback for the HTD MCA66, is it possible this will be coming out soon?



I see that the HTD MCA 66 now has some serial control for each of the 6 zones. What is specifically controllable now? Does anyone have any screenshots?

2 way feedback would tip it over for me in terms of being able to fully integrate an entire system. Right now you can put keypads in each room or buy the ethernet mini server add on for ipad/iphone control. Integrating that system into Roomie, especially with two-way feedback would be great!

Is there a chance of seeing two way feedback in the next update?

+1 for 2 way feedback

Another +1 for 2 way feedback. Looking for a whole home audio system for my home and if this had 2 way feedback it would probably be my next purchase.


I love my MCA-66 and I love Roomie. Please add the two way feedback!


+1 more for 2 way feedback.

If I help write it could it be incorporated into next update? Would someone on here or a roomie staff person be willing to collaborate with the effort if I do the majority of the effort?

I know this has been mentioned in a post in the ‘Devices and Codes’ section but I wanted to place this request in the proper location. I had hoped that this would be a feature of 2.1 but feedback is still not possible for this device.

2 way feedback for power and volume control for this device would be awesome - currently I have 6 zones and each has to have their own power on/off rocker as well as volume rockers. These are so tiny and messy - but unfortunately without this feedback there is no way to simplify this ATM.

Please add this capability! Many thanks!

Merged threads and moved to Feature Requests.

Thanks for merging these posts! Looks like there is demand for the two way feedback if you could possibly take this on?


Please :slight_smile:



Yeah, I’m dying for two way support for the HTD MCA-66 as well. DYING.

Since it’s not a receiver, I really don’t think it’ll work to DIY this using the DDK. There doesn’t seem to be enough resources available to get but one volume feedback, for example.


I based my decision to purchase the Roomie remote and the HTD MC-66 largely on their compatibility with each other. We have been very happy with the performance of both products. Adding two-way support would make this combination a no-brainer for anyone considering a whole-home music system. Please add soon!

I wanted to bump this thread because having feedback available for this device would really streamline any audio remote with 3.0. Tiny toggle buttons with no feedback as to what is on or off for so many zones is a nightmare to keep track of.

Please add two way support for the MCA-66!! Just having Zone, Volume and Mute feedback would be a HUGE plus for this device.

Thank you for your consideration for this request.

Mirage, Russound and Shinybow all got some love in the 3.1 release.

How about some love for the MCA-66?!? Thanks!!!