Reply To: Spotify Integration?

Just upgrded to 1.6 on my ipad 3

Evervything perfect, but;

Spotify playlist NOT showing in Sonos control !

This is very very bad for me, I still have to change back and forth to my Sonos app to change my music. Sorry, i dont use pandora nor itunes.

Everything else in Sonos control perfe,ct, Volume contr, track spooling etc. But no SpoTify.

Yes, that’s true, we’re adding more services over time. Version 1.6 added Pandora and Internet Radio. While we support feedback for other services, we’re not directly tuning Songza and Spotify right now. The exception to this is Amazon Cloud Player where it actually works pretty well because the songs are considered just like Music Library songs and use the normal Sonos Queue.

Hello all,

can you let me know if you’re planning to add Spotify access (Direct and trough Sonos)?

This is the most used music service used in Europe and personally i think needs to be a “Must be done” for your development team .


Thanks in advance


woudl be slick…

There are lots of potential points for Spotify integration. Some are very minor/small, some not so. What specifically would you like to see?

Perhaps a pre-built module that can be loaded as a remote or webpage that has the basic Spotify account login - controls, playlists, etc. Or perhaps just rendered as a web page. Anything that would avoid flipping between the Spotify & Roomie apps on the iPad… thx

So your goal is to play Spotify content through what to what? In other words, you want to play it from your Receiver on your speakers, or from your iOS device via Airplay, or on your Sonos device, or etc?

Receiver to speakers ideally. though I could also use iPad to AirPlay device since I have an APExpress plugged into my receiver. I just don’t like flipping apps between Spotify & Roomie. Along the same lines Pandora support like this would also be nice. Yes I can flip between and Roomie, but that’s not as convenient. thx

fully agree with Bertf.

Ideal would be to some how access the spotiyfy API within roomie - avoiding to flipp between apps beeing key! Right know I use roomie to set the soundsystem on in all zone, and put the reciever to listen to the AirportExpress… Then I have to switch app to spotify. Select playlist and then ping it out through airplay. would be magical if this could be done within roomie.

alternatively integrate an spoitfy remote app (like Remotless) into roomie and the control an external (i.e. non iphone) spotify source


Anyhow, thanks for a greap app!

I would love to have access to Spotify through Sonos as well as almost all of my music is on Spotify.


Spotify through Sonos would get my vote!

I also have a Sonos Connect and Spotify. Please add Spotify to Roomie via the Sonos interface!!!

And Sirius/XM through Sonos also! I mean… since your already writing code… :slight_smile:

This AV solution is brilliant. I am all in. Just ordered the hardware for IR.

+1 on Spotify via Sonos

“Spotify through Sonos would get my vote!”

– just I have asked for in over a year. Please find a way to include this, should be easy, do it as the existing Pandora module/ Sonos



Spotify direct from roomie would get my vote with an airplay option. So you can play and output from ipad or your stero.

+1 for Spotify through Sonos.

I would go with - Spotify on Sonos, through Roomie.