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Can you clarify what is a “b208 Remote Control like app”?

A B208 is the Remote Control Unit for ReVox B2xx Series. I can control my B250- / B291- / B226- / B285- / B710- / B77- ReVox Units With Special IR-Protocol (ReVox).

(Amplifier / Turntable / CD Player / Receiver / Cass.-Recorder / Tape Recorder, Reel to Reel etc.)

Unfortunately the L5-Team could not help me with their L5 App, that is why i have the L5 dongle and can not use it with all of my Equipment.

By the Way - the additional Equipment i have.

panasonic TV …65VT30, Bluray BDT310 / Apple TV 2 / SAT Receiver Technisat / Squeezebox from Logitech.

If you have any more questions, please ask me!



To clarify, what is it that you would want Roomie to do? It sounds like you just need to learn some IR codes?

that is not the problem. it wasn`t able, to use the learn feature of the L5 software, because of the special IR code coding of ReVox?

If you are able to learn with your software a ReVox B208 Remote Control unit, you would help me.

I know, it will be a problem, to get a B208 RC .

But, I will not buy something, not knowing, that it will function.

If these are the codes/device you’re talking about, the format shown pastes directly into Roomie’s RoomieCodes files and is understood natively:

Documentation and templates for that are here:

Yes, it is the correct B208 RC!

is there any possibility for me, to get a trying environment from your company or are you able to test it for me?

remember, i have the L5 Dongle for iPhone and ipad3.

it would be beautiful for me, that you prepare your normal code database with B208 codes, so that i can Test it myselve

i want to have an environment (test) , so that i can test the app.

i have the L5 dongle and need the software from you, to test before buy.

later, if i success, i’ll buy the software.

if i must use the learn function and more than 2 units, it costs extra money

Demo versions are not allowed on the App Store so we don’t produce one sorry.

is it possible for you, to test a B208 on the ReVox environment?

Or is it possible for you, to bring the code from the ReVox IR into your Database, so that I can test it with the APP (~ 10€) without any extra cost?

I do’nt know, what features must be there to do a test with the L5 dongle, my IPAD3, possible the learn feature and the B208 RC?

I bought all the roomie Software components.

work Fine with my pana 65vt30 and bluray bdt320.

i am was Not successful learning my RC b208 with the L5 Adapter And ipad3.

is it possibility for you, to Integrale the Codes in your dB, so that i can use it without the learning Feature?

it is a to complicated for me, to Extrakt that Code from the Source, you mailed me Some Messages above. I tried, but i was not successfully.