Roku channel guide icons

Is there a way to rearrange the Roku channel guide icons? They auto-populate, but in a seemingly random order.


My wishes also to be able to sort any guide.


This is in the next release.

Thank you.

That is excellent news, thank you!

Very very good news.

Does this mean I need to upgrade to v5 for this? Or can I have this inm v4.5 which is what I’m using currently?

The “next release” is V5 and is indeed now available. The Roku guide is dramatically improved from V4.5. It’s not just sorted. It now also displays the active app highlighted, and brings the app information into the remote itself not just the guide.

Something you might not notice at first is that the Action Panel also adapts to your usage. For instance, if you launch the Amazon app from the Roku guide, the next time you open the Action Panel, the margins will add a button for the Amazon app automatically. As you use more Roku apps, the margins will continue to fill up with as many apps as can fit in the margins.

Similar dynamic additions to Action Panels also apply to various other guides/devices.

Thanks, looks like I have to upgrade sooner later than later :slight_smile: