Roku Keyboard Commands


I am in the process of testing a new app for the Roku currently in development called ‘Media Browser 3’. This app allows the Roku to access and playback locally stored media such as movies and tv series.

I use Roomie to navigate the Roku - and the question came up as to specifically what types of commands are sent to the Roku to utilize the keyboard functionality over IP? Since the native Roku remote does not have a keyboard - we are interested in incorporating keyboard support within the app and would like to know what commands to respond to.

Many thanks!

The Roku keyboard command is the URL:

POST /keypress/Lit_##

Where ## is equal to the character to be typed. For instance:

POST /keypress/Lit_A

Thank you.

OK - thanks. Those commands only work on the search and input screens though, correct?

Well, Roomie can send them whenever you like. When Roku apps decide to accept keyboard input is up to each individual app.

Thank you.