Roomie 1.8 Feature list

Is there a thread or blog post somewhere that details proposed Roomie 1.8 features, or some kind of roadmap? This would be cool and probably satisfy many of the feature requests in here.

just wondering…

We’ll post this around the time we send 1.8 to the App Store. The feature list varies almost every day at this point as aspects are often added or removed based on what’s ready for release.

I learned from rooting my android phone to never ask a Dev when a ROM release will be ready. But this is not a phone :slight_smile:

Cant wait for 1.8. Need/Want the better Insteon ISY support the rest is icing on cake. How long? a week? month?

Just know my friend. We check daily!

Any progress?

It’s so close I can taste it! We have to chill people, they’ll blog the feature list when they’re ready.

It’s going live right now…

It’s like xmas early! Loading! Thanks in advance for your hard work on this release.