Roomie 1.9.3, iOS 7, and iTach

I have several iOS devices all running 1.93, all sharing the same configs vis Dropbox. On any device that has been upgraded to iOS 7, I cannot edit a device that is connected via an iTach (IR or serial) - the edit screen freezes as it searches forever.

The two iOS devices I have that are still on version 6 have no issues properly access those iTach devices without freezing.

Under iOS 7, I can seem to edit other direct IP devices (haven’t checked them all), and I see all the iTach’s on my network when scanning for a new device. I can even select an Itach and create a new device, but it still freezes when I try to edit it.

Devices created and added to an activity seem to work, though once device’s responsiveness started to become flaky, so I wanted to try different retransmit’s - But whether its an older device, or one I have created post-iOS 7, if you need to test or edit the device, it will freeze.

Is this a known issue?

At this point with 2.0 out, you don’t want to try running 1.9.3 on iOS 7. The many issues with 1.9.3 on iOS 7 are the reason 2.0.0 was accelerated.

Thank you.

I will, but I am waiting for the 2.01 update so I don’t run into the issues with the HD Guide and IR Pack - unless they will continue to work until 2.01 without the subscription pack and self-resolve as prior owner once 2.01 is released?

Yes, that is of course a good point. Nevertheless, 1.9.3 has various issues just as you described on iOS 7 and as covered in other threads in this forum.

The expiration issue if you purchased ICP and/or HDGP over a year ago will self-resolve once 2.0.1 is installed. The only way to enable that right now is either to have purchased those within the last year or switch to the Roomie Service.

It’s worth noting that while the older packs will not expire in 2.0.1, they are also static. They wont have anything new in terms of codes or devices in the future. Over time all new codes, new devices, new guide countries, new media guides, anything related to those areas not already part of those packs as of 2.0.0 will be exclusive to the Roomie Service. It’s the way we’re handling upgrades. In this case, it’s a very soft transition as the original packs will not expire, but we’re also planning to make the switch more worthwhile in the near future.

Thank you.

Thank you

i don’t envision needing new IR in the future, but regarding the HD pack, I will still receive normal guide updates (listings and channel changes) for my existing Directv and cable serivce, both currently in the HD Guide, correct? When you say “new media guides” I presume you mean new service providers that aren’t currently supported in Roomie?

And to the other point, so if I purchased roomie within the past 12 months ( I think I did) I can upgrade to 2.0 without any loss of functionality in the short term?

Yes, the guide data continues. If you are in the US or the other current countries and you have the HD Guide Pack, that will continue to work in 2.0.1. Any new items exclusive to the Roomie Service will begin post-2.0.1.

As an example, we plan to add at least 32 new countries to the guide in a near term release. As another example, we plan to add a Kaleidescape Media Guide. Those items as well as tens of thousands of new IR codes are scheduled for the near term as part of the Roomie Service.

There are a couple of other major ones later this year that we’ll talk about when they’re closer.

Thank you.