Roomie Access via VPN

Hello - I looking for suggestions accessing Roomie outside of my home network via VPN. I have a TUN OpenVPN server running inside a virtual box on an iMac. The server seems to work fine as I can access local resources from outside the network. However, Roomie is non-responsive from outside the network unless I am using the Primary Roomie device when outside the network. I was curious if users have any tried and true VPN solutions or recommendations that work well with Roomie. Thanks all.

I don’t use VPN, but wondering if you read this little blurb in the User Guide:

The Wi-Fi SSID field will attempt to auto-populate, but may need to be manually set. If you use third-party VPN software, setting this field will allow Roomie Remote to detect whether you are on your home network, whether you are current connected to a VPN, and whether you can currently control your devices. You will then be able to receive appropriate warnings if your connectivity is not correct for your home.

Yes I did read that tip in the setup guide and the WiFi ID field was already populated. Thanks.