Roomie Agent and VPN Questions

I am running the “Server” app for my Mavericks install on a Mac Mini connected via ethernet. I have successfully set up the VPN to use roomie outside of my network. I have enabled both PPTP and L2TP. Since the FAQ states you recommend PPTP, is there any technical reason roomie would behave better or worse if I just use L2TP?

Roomie Agent and VPN - I have noticed that the device connected via the VPN does not show up in Roomie Agent… only the devices that are connected within the wireless LAN on site. Is this expected, or are there any other ports I need to open for the remote devices (connected via the VPN) to show up? (Maybe it’s because Roomie Agent uses multicast to display connected devices?)

Thanks again for a great product!

L2TP probably isn’t going to have any impact on multicast. To get everything that is dependent on multicast like device discovery and agent commands, you would need to route multicast packets over the VPN. Both PPTP and L2TP are likely to be configured by default not to route multicast packets.

There are exceptions to that for Agent. For instance, viewing the screen of the OS X device is unicast now. The next version makes sure normal agent commands like .APPLICATION LAUNCH are also sent unicast.

Thank you.