Roomie Agent for new Apple TV

i know the announcement is all of two hours old but are there plans for Roomie Agent for the new TvOS? I am on the verge of buying an Android device just to run Agent but would gladly hold out for an Apple TV version.

We could make such an app, but it wouldn’t work well. tvOS does not allow generalized background operation. So if you’re finishing a video download for a few seconds, that’s ok, but if you want to just run all the time in the background monitoring the Roomie mesh, that’s prohibited. The only way to do it would be to never quit the app. So you’d be able to use your AppleTV for Roomie Agent only. That’s just not something anyone would do.

We have a hub coming soon for those without a convenient Android or Mac Mini box to run Agent.

The next major version of Agent is a huge upgrade, but will be free to existing customers of Agent. The price of Agent is going up however. (so you get a fairly large discount if you were to buy now)

Thank you.