Roomie Agent for Raspberry Pi?

Hi, fairly new roomie user, great product. My only gripe is that of sync between roomies. I understand you are developing an agent for Mac OS to overcome this, it would be great if there were a version of this for the raspberry pi. Much easier to have one of those running quietly all the time on the network.


We’re considering doing that in the future after Roomie Agent is released for Mac OS. We would note however that the full scope of Roomie Agent’s features has not yet been announced and many of the planned features aren’t viable on such a platform. It’s not just for synchronization. So something that was purely for synchronization might be released for Linux but it wouldn’t be able to do most of the things Roomie Agent will do.

Thank you.

Fantastic news. Thanks for the update, I’m looking forward to the agent for mac, and a basic Linux based application just covering synchronisation would be great too for when the Mac is not on.

keep up the good work

+1 on the Rommie Agent Lite for the rPI Raspberry Pi unit.

A device that runs at 6 watts is a perfect appliance to configure to do mundane tasks like synchro of Roomies, etc.

The rPI has sole 1 million units. The market exists!

  • 1 on the remote agent lite for Raspberry Pi, its the perfect deice.

I don’t have multiple Roomie Remote devices, but I would agree that a Linux based version of the agent would be a great idea as it could work on many low powered devices like the Raspberry Pi.

This is a fantastic idea. I have two iPhones and an iPad mini that sometimes are out of sync. This would definitely put my unused Raspberry Pi to use. Please please please!

Now the Mac Agent is out, would be great to here other options you may be thinking about, a Pi version would be great, I don’t have a mac running all the time and a mac mini is a bit expensive just for keeping my remotes in sync!

Great product, now has the wifes approval!


Perhaps raspberry pi agent with added features like timers etc

And programming logic such as if it’s night time, when remote is paused, bring up the ceiling fan light if it’s not currently on. Bring up kitchen light if it’s not already on. If it’s day time, don’t change the state of the ceiling fan light or kitchen light. When you hit play, turn off the ceiling fan light and kitchen light unless they were already on, in which case, go to previous light level.

I too agree with aharding’s post.

Just to add support for the possible Linux (Raspberry Pi) Agent. That would awesome give what my RPI already does. Just basic Remote Sync would be start.

In theory there are some Android variants available for RPi. So it is possible there is already a configuration there that could work. But yes, Agent for some specific edition of Linux on RPi is an independent feature request.

Thank you.