Roomie Agent for Windows Home Server

Since the update that removed the iCloud sync I have been using the wifi sync option to try to sync my iPads and iPhone.

The remote sometimes disappears when I open roomie and reappears a few seconds later which can be annoying. I assume this is roomie searching for a device to sync to or even for an instance of roomie agent.

You mentioned previously that you may re-introduce the iCloud sync but I have also been looking at roomie agent.

I have a MacBook Air through work but this wouldn’t be ideal for agent as I would have to keep it on and possibly plugged in.

You told me in a previous post you were looking at the possibility of a Raspberry Pi version of agent. I have a windows home server box running 24x7 that would be ideal for a version - are there any plans for a windows version?

+1 for a Windows agent!

I would love a Windows version of the agent. +1!

+1 likewise

I would also like a Windows version of the agent.

A Windows version of the agent would be fantastic. I would love to be able to have a passcode to lock editing and as I understand it you can only do that with agent.

+1 … definitely need a windows version…

+1 Have a 24/7 Windows Home Server that stores my media. So it would be the perfect place to install a Roomie Agent.

+1 for windows…

+1 for windows agent, I to have a MBA and purchasing a mini just to use as an agent does not really make sense.

Windows agent +1

Another windows PC user who would like to use roomie agent…

Yes please :slight_smile: