Roomie Agent Functionality

Some ideas that would be great in the remote agent:


  1. Scheduled events and timers. Since the remote agent is always on this would be a good place for timers and schedules.


  1. Commands. This would be necessary for the above. It would be nice to be able to remote commands from the remote agent.


  1. Advanced remote design. It would be nice to be able to have more control over the remote layouts and the agent might be a good place to do that.


  1. Conditional commands.


I don’t know about others but I’d be willing to pay more than $20 for this functionality.

+1 for ideas

Timers - system sleep/off and conditional commands would give me a reason to buy the Agent package

+1 for points 1 & 2. Would love to see this in an update for Roomie Agent soon. I NEED this infact! Purely for wake up and sleep timer, as many others have mentioned, would really take a step from universal control to automation with this addition.

conditional commands would be excellent, but personally not in any rush for them.

Customizastion of interfaces I’m on the fence about… I like the current simplicity. Maybe just the ability to arrange the existing “blocks” of buttons. I don’t feel giving too much control over the interface is a good thing.


I like all of these ideas!! Using a mouse & keyboard for customizations would be fantastic. I’m not sure how many of you have created remotes for houses using ISY99 and over 50+ devices but it is becoming painfully time consuming. Love the app however!! Keep the good updates coming.