Roomie agent link?


New user here (another iRule migrator).

Would appreciate a link to the “Roomie Agent” in order to add custom devices.
Dropbox is not an option.
Many thanks

Anything you read that indicates you need that is so hopelessly out of date it is guaranteed to be wrong. Note that posts here can go all the way back to 2012. Make sure to check the date or the “Archives” tag before believing something is valid.

Custom device information is in the Knowledgebase:

The knowledgebase is culled. Significantly out of date information is deleted or updated. You need to watch for that manually in a forum environment.

Thanks Will,

That info is from the current DDK.
It specifically references Dropbox and Roomie Agent.
Ah well. Will try again later.
Many thanks

Ah yes. Well that’s exactly why it’s good to use the knowledgebase. Because now that is updated as well: