Roomie apple keyboard

Hi everyone.

just wondering is there any chance to have virtual keyboard on the screen as it comes out on iPad when you switch Apple TV remote?

I have Apple TV 3rd gen and when I use roomie it’s just showing me navigation buttons menu etc. so every entry In search I have to put manualy. Thanks for ay advice.

that would be pretty cool!


+1 :slight_smile:

This couldn’t be done via IP due to Apple’s restrictions, and there aren’t any discrete IR keyboard commands either. The only way I can think of to include this function in Roomie is to include a keyboard that mimics a bluetooth keyboard like the app WeBe++ in Cydia ( The downside is you don’t get the range that wifi provides. Sadly, you need to jailbreak to run it with bluetooth. And I don’t think it’s feasible for Roomie to cater to the jailbreak crowd for the obvious reasons.

^ What he said.

I realize you guys don’t like to answer the same question twice. But sometimes replies are worded in a technical way that’s unclear. So I apologize in advance.

To ensure we’re on the same page:

In Roomie, when naming a button, for example, a standard iOS QWERTY keyboard appears. Are you saying that Apple prohibits you from using that same keyboard to send commands via wi-fi?

If so, it’s truly a shame that Apple ties your hands in that manner.

From the top, there are three ways to talk to an Apple TV (at a 50,000 foot level):

IR: Apple does not offer keyboard functionality via IR. Nothing we can do here.

IP: Apple has encrypted communications over this interface. We are not aware of a way around this. Nobody else has ever gotten past this either.

Bluetooth: Apple does not allow apps to use Bluetooth. (Actually the answer is a bit more complex than that but not really.)

So, if there is a hope for an Apple TV keyboard, it will be via IP either because Apple opens it up like they did with Apple TV V1, or because we or someone else finds a way to authenticate to it properly.

Thank you.

Just to clarify our IP reference above, we do have pseudo IP control of Apple TV today through iTunes Airplay as discussed in the FAQ:

Thank you.

This would be a feature I could use all the time. What I have done is made a activity called “APPLE REMOTE” and used the URL: remote:// . This sends me directly to the apple remote app but need to go back to roomie app when done or to change volume. This would work better if I could open the Apple app in a pop-up window and not redirect. Overall it is still my best solution to a “keyboard shortcut”. I love and hate Apple!