Roomie as a UPnP Control Point

Hi. Newbie here. But not new to HA…

My question before I purchase the app is can the app be used as a UPnP Control point?

That is are UPnP servers seen (appear as a share) within Roomie and can yuo direct track play/pause/etc to UPnP renderers?


We generally target specific devices rather than a generic concept of being a UPnP controller.

Numerous devices we do control use some variant of UPnP. At this point there is little attempt to adhere to the standards anymore, so it’s usually necessary to do a little device-specific work anyway.

We can probably advise you how to get almost any UPnP device working if you contact support. The new Samsung DLNA device in 2.4 is customizable with custom URLs if you edit the Roomie.plist device directly, so that should allow the basic commands for just about anything.

Thank you.

Thanks for the very informative answer.

I already have Sonos. I use Pandora and Rhapsody as well.

But I want to stream 24/192 which I am doing already. It’s just a need a better Control Point

The renderers I am interested in controlling are:

Linn DS
Oppo 105
SoTM Mini Server

All are general UPnP renderers

The Servers I am interested in are

Twonky Media Server

Can I purchase an App trial and do you then want me to setup a support ticket?


It’s actually MinimServer! haha :slight_smile:

Sonos is supported natively, so no need to worry about that one.

For the others, we’d need to take them on a case by case basis in support. We need the UPnP description of each device which we can get from a Roomie diagnostic on your network.

Thank you.


Thanks for that

Happy to purchase the app give it a go and get too it!

I’ll be in touch via a support ticket when I’m ready

Can start with the Oppo and the Linn!

(Both of these would well be worth your while I’d reckon…)