Roomie connectivity drops frequently after update

Have you tried restarting your iOS device with the power button? We have not had other reports like this. Does anything work when in this problem mode? Do you have any IP devices that work for instance whereas other devices do not?

Yes, I have restarted my iOS device via the power button. I will check the IP next time this occurs. Maybe I will just go ahead and shut the IR receiver down as well as my iOS device; then power up the receiver; then my iPad and see if maybe that resolves my issue.

I’ve had this same issue on direct IP Directv attached devices (new guide?). Network icon shows network busy and no commands work until I kill and restart Roomie. Didn’t have the issue untill the last update. Normally I don’t report things like this because it happens so frequently that I figure the Roomie techs must be aware of it and are planning a fix. (maybe reason others haven’t reported it? Also?)

The last poster’s issue is addressed in 1.5. That issue was specific to HTTP based devices like DirecTV. It’s not clear whether that’s related to the original poster’s setup.

Happening to me, too. I’m a new user, so I don’t have the same frame of reference as posters above. Have been fighting configurations issues and finally got it working when everything just stopped responding. Specifically, the app appears to be operating normally, but all commands show up in red and none of my IP or IR devices respond.

I see this issue as well, have only IR devices. It seems intermittently but only after a certain period of inactivity or the I switch to another app on the ipad or after one or many sleep/wake up cycles…

When will version 1.5 be available??? I have the same issue with my DirecTV. My IR devices work fine.

1.5 is going out very soon, possibly as soon as today. Note that it can take quite a while though to go through the process – a normal timeframe would be 7-14 days.

We believe there are 2 unrelated issues in this thread and that they simply sounded similar so posts came here. Meanwhile, beta testers are reporting neither of these issues in 1.5 so please let us know if you see any issues with 1.5.

I’ll be looking for the update… BTW, even though I checked the box to be notified of replies to this thread, I did not receive notification of your response… not sure why? I have checked my email settings in my account to confirm they are correct. Despite this hiccup, I love the product!!!

I am running IR through most, but IP through my denon receiver. Everything was working perfect. Next day, nothing was working. I rebooted the wf2ir and reconnected and got the IR working again. But roomie will not find my IP receiver. It has an address, in fact I can even control it through my browser on the same freaking iOS device, but Roomie won’t find the new IP address and can’t control it.

Kenhoeve, I share your frustration and found myself ready to pitch the whole thing, but I think we have to acknowledge we are on the “bleeding” edge of a really good idea. As long as these guys are responsive (and they really are) I think it is in our best interest to help them get it right. Just look at how pathetic the alternatives are!!! Totally agree with your objective, though, it HAS to be stable or it’s worthless. Here’s hoping that 1.5 fixes this!

I agree, there really are no other options for my setup so I will endeavor to work through issues. After an iOS reboot, and reconnecting my denon with a new IP, it is working again. Took quite a while for Roomie to detect it though, that is the part I cannot understand. If I have browser control, I don’t understand why Roomie isn’t picking it up on the network right away.