Roomie performance with Split View or Slide Over on the iPad

Would there be any performance impact to Roomie using Split View or Slide Over on the iPad device which is also the primary controller? I’m told my Roomie configuration requires a fast processor, currently I’m using an iPad Mini V (A12 proc), I plan to upgrade the primary controller to the ipad Air 4 which has the A14 proc but I’d like to use the device to run another app along with Roomie (Roomie in slide over view)

iOS is very good about managing CPU time. I wouldn’t worry in the general case unless the other app is very intensive like a game but in general the most intensive games are not compatible with side by side mode anyway. Note also that there is a list of things iOS blocks in side by side mode in most cases such as video recording, audio recording, etc. So in summary it depends on your use case and exact apps. But also consider you’re talking about an A14 which is a class above what everyone has set their current expectation based upon, so pure CPU time is unlikely to be a concern.